The Association was founded in June, 2015. The foundation of the Association came as a result from an initiative which was taken by the teachers of five schools (2nd Senior High School, 1st Junior High School, 16th and 32nd Primary Schools and 56th Nursery School). The teachers-in cooperation with a School of Kos, the island where Hippocrates was born- realized a common project full of many significant activities, so that they may familiarize their pupils with the Hippocratean idea. Further to this, some of the teachers who took part in the project and other citizens of the city of Larissa decided to found the Association aiming at this effort of theirs to take more permanent characteristics and Hippocrates- as a symbol of Larissa- should attract world-wide notice.


Μαρτυρία για τον τάφο του Ιπποκράτη στη Λάρισα


Ο Σωρανός ο Εφέσιος, στο έργο του Βίοι Ιατρών, σχετικά με τον τάφο του Ιπποκράτη αναφέρει: «τέθαπται δέ μεταξύ Γύρτωνος καί Λαρίσης καί δεικνυται άχρι δεϋρο τό μνήμα». Επίσης αναφέρει ότι για πολλά χρόνια στο μνήμα του Ιπποκράτη υπήρχε σμήνος μελισσών, των οποίων το μέλι είχε την ιδιότητα να θεραπεύει τις άφθες των παιδιών.